5+1 reasons to buy property in Nicosia

Are you part of the increasing statistics where non-European, European or even local individuals think of investing in Cyprus?  If the sun -for approximately 340 days of the year, the proximity to the blue-flagged sandy beaches and the Cyprus Citizenship are not attractive enough, here are 5 + 1 reasons to buy a property in Nicosia.

  1. Education

The European Education Area shapes the education system in Cyprus. There are numerous public and private institutions in Nicosia, offering from primary to high education. And top-level worldwide recognisable Schools including bachelor, master and doctoral degrees.

  1. Health

Nicosia has a high-level qualitative private and public health services. Nicosia General Hospital (N.G.H.) is the biggest -and the only tertiary- hospital in Cyprus in building structure and modern laboratory equipment, and in the number of internal and external patients treated yearly. It is staffed with specially trained staff providing health services with responsibility. Besides, there are almost 2000 private doctors of all specialities recorded in Cyprus  Medical Association.



  1. Finance Centre

Cyprus has quickly recovered from the financial crisis of 2013 and now is already riding a new wave of prosperity. The Cyprus Stock Exchange held its first trading session in 1996 in Nicosia, where it is located. The Stock Exchange currently operates a Regulated Market and a Market in the form of Multilateral Trading Facility. Main participants of the Stock Exchange are the Members of the Stock Exchange (brokerage offices), listed issuers and investors. Furthermore, accounting companies and financial business thrive in the capital of Cyprus offering to consult and supporting services to both individuals and business clients.

  1. Start-up Companies

Nicosia is inevitably part of a global business movement. Numerous private and public programs support funding the innovative ideas that will lead Cyprus to the top of the global market. Therefore, Nicosia has a quickly growing start-up ecosystem, already counting 29 start-up enterprises and ensuring that anyone can experience entrepreneurship in Cyprus.

  1. Research Centre

The Cyprus Research Centre (CRC) founded in 1962 and based in Nicosia aims the undertaking of research of Cypriot and any other scientific subjects by both Cypriot and overseas researchers on a systematic basis and the publication of the conclusions. CRC is responsible for promoting scholarly research in Cyprus and research co-operation with other countries.

+The most stable market in real estate

The real estate market in Nicosia directly reflects the overall financial stability in Cyprus the latest few years. The real estate market is increasingly becoming more attractive and regaining the attention of foreign investors. Since the Government promoted Cyprus Citizenship and Permanent Residency programmes and created a business-oriented secure environment, the residential and commercial property sales boosted significantly.

Still not convinced? A look at our available projects in Nicosia will change your mind!