Why should I invest in Cyprus?

During the last years, Cyprus is attracting an increasing number of investors for several reasons, including the Cyprus Citizenship and the European passport.

Anyone can be a Cyprus citizen given they have invested in a residential property or properties at least 2 million euro. They can keep the property or sell it anytime after a minimum period of 3 years! Of course, a clean criminal record is obligatory.

But which are the benefits of the Cyprus EU Citizenship Programme?

First of all, it’s fast and simple! The Cyprus Citizenship can be obtained within only three months after the investment and the new Cyprus Citizens are not obliged to live in Cyprus. One visit every 7 years is enough. Of course, you can keep the right of the dual citizenship and keep your previous nationality (all nationalities are eligible for this programme), same with the language. The citizenship is valid for life and you can pass it on to your descendants.

What about taxes? There is no donation to the Cyprus Government and you have no tax obligation unless you choose to become a tax resident in Cyprus.  Last but not least, citizens have the right to live, work and get an education in the European Union and visa-free travel to Europe and Canada. And of course to vote and stand for the European Parliament Elections!

Citizenship is not and should not be the main reason for investing in a country, but If you want to live or expand your business in Cyprus it is an attractive motivation. What do you think? Are you ready to become one of us? See how the BuildLand team can help you!